Why MyFeet ?

Because Geometry Matters

Pressure does not predict Geometry


Elevating pin technology

Orthotics are morphological objects. You need morphological measures to define them. The Amfit technology (patented) measures the entire plantar surface of the foot giving you precise data to make the best foot orthotics.

Check your scan immediately

Check if your scan was successful immediately. Your scans are direct measures of the orthotic. YOU make them.

Systems near me - NOT

We are not interested to sell Amfit scanners to many users. A city of 50,000 will have a maximum of two scanners. Get your place.

Three days delivery

We guarantee milling of your order within three days (+ 1 day for shipping by courier)

Training by our staff

You get training by our experienced staff for excellent scanning (bring your most difficult patient cases during training)

Continuous support

Your success is essential for us. We will train and provide you all the necesary knowledge to make the best orthotics for most foot conditions.

World leaders

The biggest worldwide company of pressure sensors, Tekscan, doesn't make orthotics. Orthotic mats just measure pressure. Nothing more. Amfit scanners are the only ones that can be combined with Pressure measures from Tekscan.

No hidden costs

No further costs. No costs for software updates or annual fees.

Our step-by-step orthotic design

(tap on each pisture)
Step 1. Foot examination
Step 2. Get foot pressure (if needed)
Step 3. Foot positioning
Step 4. Inspect the morphology

Step 5. Add foot pressure if measured

Step 6. Perform changes to the orthotic

The Orthotic Design is ready !

Milling the Orthotic

Step 1. Select the density of the EVA (color coded)
Step 2. Insert it to the Amfit Mill
Step 3. Grind the Orthotic
Step 4. Select Top Cover material
Step 5. Orthotic Ready
Step 5. Fit them into your shoes

Our Advantages

Custom NOT prefabricated

If yout feet are close to the average population then a generic PREFABRICATED orthotic may suit you. Our company is specialised on CUSTOM orthotics, meaning that we get a 3D morphological model of your feet and custom orthotics will be fabricated for perfect fitting.

Special Conditions

Our technologies enable us to deal with the most difficult foot conditions like diabetic, difigured and amputated feet. These conditions require perfect orthotic fitting in order to minimise foot pressure and further loading that would worsen foot condition

Add science on your work

We provide a turn key solution that will combine kinematic and kinetic gait analysis for screening in order to understand the movement of your client as well as morphological and pressure scanners to create the best orthotics.

Ordered orthotics ready within 3 days

The orthotics are manufactured in our facility and we guarantee their shipping within three days from order. Special conditions for faster shipping are also available.

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