Amfit Digitizer

The Amfit Digitizer gives you the ability to create perfect-fitting foot orthotics for your customers. The Amfit Digitizer measures the entire plantar surface of the foot giving you precise data to make the best foot orthotics. You view the scan in real time so you will be able to check if your scanning is appropriate or not and repeat.

Three models to fit your needs and budget

Model 2070

The top of the range system suitable for professionals. With remote control and a laser beam to help you adjusting foot position

Model 2080

Designed for lower budget solutions. The only difference with the professional model (2070) is that the pins are not freezed for visual inspection before scanning.

Model 2060

Previous Model (similar to 2070) designed for professionals. Limited stock

Scanning Basics

The Software

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Would you like to see some more videos ? Check our supporting videos in the Amfit Academy.

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